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At the end of October, the hospital's personnel were ordered to assume charge of No. 13 General Hospital at Boulogne and would remain there for the duration of the conflict.

"For a Base Hospital our Unit possibly had more than its share of casualties.  Few members of the command escaped from illness during the moderate privations and exposures of the two winters in France, and three officers, five nurses and eight men were invalided home during our two years' absence.  There were nine deaths among those who at one time or another had served with us."



The Vanguard : First in France (May 1918)
From the Collections of the Boston Medical Library

A monthly newsletter from the personnel of Base Hospital No. 5--the first publication from the American Expeditionary Forces--began to appear in November 1917.  The issue displayed commemorates a year's anniversary since the departure for France and includes the poem "Lines Written One Year after Leaving America," by Captain Gilbert Horrax from the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital staff.  Horrax, a neurologist, later married Geraldine K. Martin, who served with the Harvard University Service at the American Ambulance Hospital.