Testimonials to the Harvard Surgical Unit


Hugh Cabot (1872-1945) 
After-Order by Lieut.-Colonel Hugh Cabot, C.M.G., R.A.M.C., February 1919

Gift of M. Blanche Wallace to the Archives of Harvard Medical School, 1971


At the conclusion of service with the British army in France, the personnel of the Harvard Unit were given this printed communication, extending the thanks of Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig as well as the commendation of Hugh Cabot:

The months and years of intimate association under conditions rarely easy, often difficult, occasionally very trying, have developed a working force of extraordinary capacity, the value of which has been generously recognized.  But the work which this force can do has not ended with the armistice and will not end with the peace treaty.  The peace of the world will require for its maintenance the development of the same qualities which the Staff of "No. 22" developed and demonstrated at Camiers.  Recognition of opportunity and fulfillment of obligation may require that the power there acquired be exercised for years to come in order to hold and increase the gain which War has bought at such a price.  The Staff of the Harvard Unit acquired tremendous capacity for the work it undertook and has achieved success and commendation, if it has also acquired vision, it has achieved immortality.






Harvard Unit B.E.F. Association 
News Letter, February 1946

Gift of Dr. George C. Shattuck to the Library of Harvard Medical School, 1959


In 1937, the men and women of the Harvard Surgical Unit formed the Harvard Unit, B.E.F. Association "to keep alive friendships fostered during the years in France and to have a committee through whom information may be obtained."  At the first reunion meeting, Varaztad H. Kazanjian provided a slide show of stereoscopic views taken during his sojourn in France.   The issue displayed contains memorial tributes following the death of Hugh Cabot in 1945.

The Association continued to meet and issue an annual newsletter into the 1950s.


No. 22 General Hospital Pin, circa 1920

Gift of H. Malcolm MacLeod to the Library of Harvard Medical School, 2006

Marguerite Condon (later MacLeod) was a nurse with the Harvard Surgical Unit at No. 22 General Hospital. The Harvard Corporation presented this enamel pin with the university seal to the nurses of the Harvard Surgical Unit in commemoration of their war service.

Testimonials to the Harvard Surgical Unit